[WIP] Adventures in Candyland

Adventures in Candyland (<- Working Title) is a pretty newly started project. It is going to be a time-based platformer, which means that many levels involve getting help with opening doors from your past self. Alot of inspiration is taken from "Adventures of Shuggy", which has a few really challenging levels using the time-based concept - but they let go of this amazing concept before exploring it enough! So far most of the core-programming is done, and from now on everything is a question about game- and art-design. What features and game-mechanics do I want? What is needed to make it interesting, what is just too much? Will a candy-based theme be good, will I be able to make it happen? Or would a space/futuristic-theme be cooler and more fitting for this kind of gameplay? Game-design decisions to be made and gameplay improvements that still needs to be implemented: Candy or future? Cute or crazy hero? To make it interesting, does the hero need more abilities than being able to double-jump? Level-design! What is interesting, what isn't? What is hard and fun, compared to just being too frustrating? Trial and error levels incoming! To-do list: Time-based gameplay
Lava-pits, spiked walls and other hazards.
Moving-platforms and rotating obstacles.
Making it easy to fit the artwork together in the mapeditor. (We’re using TMX Tiled Map Editor).
Alot of levels of different difficulties.
Unlockable themes/levels?

Christmas theme for christmas? =D

Over and out, updates coming soon!